The Catahoula bulldog is a medium to large sized dog weighing in at 34-45.3 kg (75-100 lb). The height is 55–66 cm (20-26 inches) at the shoulders.[1]

The dog has the American Bulldog’s muscular build with tight skin and a very short, smooth coat. Normally it does not have an undercoat but in seasonal or colder climates one may develop.[2] Catahoula bulldogs come in a wide variety of colors—white, black and white, black, sable brown, brown and white and sometimes even black and brown, with or without merle.[1]

The eyes can be a soft to dark brown, amber, ice blue, emerald green, gold or a combination of these in cases of heterochromia. Ears can be a rose type to button over and are sometimes cropped. The Catahoula bulldog tends to use the ears in a very expressive manner.