NYC + Fave Fall Outfits

What a week! We flew to NYC, stayed at TWA hotel for one night, then I traveled to Paris by myself for 4 days (the pups stayed in NYC) and finally, back to NYC at 1 Hotel for the weekend. 

I felt great flying back to NYC and then the next morning, bam– woke up sick. Why must these things happennnn. I got really down on myself—felt truly disappointed in myself for not being able to do most things other people can do. From my point of view, it looks like people can plan social activities, lunches, dinners with friends and still be full of energy. For me, I become SO drained. I have to be really conscious of my energy and space things out. 

But even the most carefully planned schedule can still be too much. I admit this week was definitely overboard—I knew it would be with all the flying and time zones. But still, I had preparations. Immune system pills, CBD oil, calming sprays, turmeric, probiotics, lots of rest + naps.

ANYWAYS, although I napped m…

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My Nighttime Skincare + Fira’s Routine

We’re setting off for some quick travel again! This time we’re in NYC with Weston + Fira and I head to Paris for less than a week. As I was doing Fira’s nighttime regime, I thought it would be such a cute video to share my skincare routine while traveling, along with Fira’s.

Fira is definitely more sensitive than Weston and has a few products that stays on rotation which include wipes and balms. When I travel, I like to pack as lightly as possible—especially toiletries. I take one skincare bag and stuff it with trial sizes and samples. It’s the best time to use up all those travel size tubes, right?!

DHC Face Wash Powder

Perrrrfect for traveling—it’s a powder. Since it’s not considered a liquid, you don’t have to worry about the 100mL rule and fitting it in a clear ziplock bag for international travel; woohoo! It’s really gentle and makes your skin feel really clean.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

A cult favorite. My friend is an estheti…

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Sofitel Los Angeles

French elegance in Los Angeles…

Bonjour, guys! I haven’t posted here in awhile but I’m back with more hotel guides and going to share Fira’s new favorite dog bowl soon. I’ve been wondering if I should go more review/editorial style writing (especially with hotel reviews and guides) or more personal blog style on the reviews with stories, etc. 

So anyways, Weston’s big 9th birthday was over a week ago and we had a big bash at one of our favorite hotels in LA: the SOFITEL. 

Not only is it all french-themed (perfect for french bulldogs), there is no pet fee! Love a good hotel that offers no pet fees, because let’s face it: paying almost half the rate of your room just to bring your pet is a major drag.

Back to the birthday…

The Sofitel patio is definitely one of our favorite spots to get the pups together. It’s gorgeous, roomy and extra dog friendly. Did I mention, Fira had her 3rd birthday brunch at the Sofitel last December?

We had a great…

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Cocktails + Mocktails For Your Dog

Cocktail for you, mocktail for your dog [ This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ZippyPaws. The opinions and text are all mine. ]  

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Who loves a good happy hour? My go-to drink is an Aperol Spritz, which I’m currently sipping on as I sit in a cafe in Paris—à votre santé (“cheers” in French)!

One of my biggest changes in 2019 was cutting down on the alcohol. I used to love a bott…

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How To Get Rid Of Tear Stains

Ahh, the dreaded tear stains.

The one question I get THE MOST, by far, is “how do you get rid of tear stains?”

I have a lame answer: they don’t really get them.


Weston never really had them BUT I was looking at photos of baby Fira and she did have some dark undereyes. Well, I hear tear stains are mostly from diet and/or genetics.

From Pet MD:

“Brachycephalic (short nosed) dogs can be prone to tear stains. “The shape of the head and the way the eyes fit into the socket will affect whether a dog is prone to tear stains,” according to Klein. “This is because the connection to the muzzle can be configured in such a way that the tears accumulate instead of flowing through the ducts that normally drain them away from the eye.”

Now the diet…

When I got Fira (11 weeks old), her breeder recommended she stay on the food she was already on til she was 6 months old. So, she stayed on a puppy kibble but after 6 months, I then swi…

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My Top Picks From Amazon Prime Day


It’s that time again! Amazon is having their Prime Deals Day today and tomorrow (July 15 + 16th) and there are some great deals, especially for us dog parents. Here’s what’s already in my cart:

K9 Advantix II. Normally $67.99 and now $43.34. SUCH A GOOD DEAL. These are a must, especially in the summers. I don’t give Weston + Fira the oral pills for fleas etc so I get these topical ones. They usually go for a bath once a month and then right away I apply this!

Dyson Animal Pro Vacuum. We already have this and love it! I love that it’s not super bulky but since it’s a Dyson, you know you’re getting the strongest power. Originally $399 and now $279!

Pure Hepa Air Filter. An air filter is so nice to have, especially if you have pets and there is fur flying everywhere. This one is normally $99.99 but today and tomorrow = $79.99.

Furbo. An interactive camera with app that can shoot out treats! $199 now $134.99!<…

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The Most Instagrammable Spots: Brooklyn Edition

Guide to Brooklyn for Basic Bitches

Honey, you know I got my soapbox moments. Nothing drives me crazier than seeing basic bitches pushing people on an active road to get their shot for the gram on Water Street. You know, that street is so well known, even the world’s most beautiful couple (IMHO), Liv Lo and Henry Golding, took a shot here. (*where was I? Ten minutes away avoiding this street.)

[instagram: @henrygolding]


Anne Hathaway used to live a block away. Ah, back in the day she even gave Elle a little cuddle. Guess what? No phone that day. No shot, just good old human and hound interaction.

Why a guide to Brooklyn?

Because in Brooklyn we go hard, we go hard and you also should explore how wonderful and more to life there is than Manhattan. Come on take the adventure. You may even run into us, but don’t run us over to get your damn shots. Okay, bye soapbox.



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Dog Friendly Road Trip to Mendocino County

We just got back from a 6 day road trip up the Central Coast of Cali! Ok, so in 6 days we really squeezed in a lot of stops and miles (1000+!). Since we had a tight schedule, we really made the most of it. 

My friend Liz was visiting from England and it was her first time in California aaand it was the first time for Fira and I doing this drive up north too- finally! The farthest north I had been before was San Luis Obispo (besides San Francisco), so I was super excited to venture up with the girls.

(325 miles north of Los Angeles)


We left LA early and headed north. We got really lucky and the weather was 80+ degrees most days! We blasted the AC for Fira, went through some of Bob Dylan’s hits and picked up Del Taco (being from England, this was on the top of Liz’s list). 

Carmel was home to actress + animal activist Doris Day, who was co-owner of Cypress Inn–deemed one …

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The 6 Biggest Surprises Of Owning A French Bulldog

Are french bulldogs taking over?

Frenchies have become such a popular breed; I’m surprised they don’t rank in the Top 3. The American Kennel Club ranks French Bulldogs as sixth most popular in the US. 

Fun fact: I honestly had no idea what a French Bulldog was nine years ago. I wasn’t introduced til 2010 and my first thought (don’t hate me): that is the ugliest dog ever! I know. I was closed and now my eyes are open. I finally awoke from a bad dream, lol.

I guess that was my first biggest surprise! I get so many questions about Weston + Fira and about frenchies in general on Instagram and IRL. I am just now so in love with the breed. Here are the other 6 things that totally surprised me about having french bulldogs in my life.

1. Get used to having frenchie “glitter” all over you

I had NO idea french bulldogs shed this much. Since they have a single coat of short hair, I assumed they would be low maintenance. Their little hairs can actually be p…

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The Most Instagrammable Spots: Nolita/Soho New York Edition

The Most Instagrammable Spots For Basic Bitches: Nolita/Soho New York Edition

Stateside for this edition of Instagram Tips in New York’s favorite area of the fashion set–calm down West Village, we love you too, but with over 13 million people in New York, covering the city in a short amount of time to maximize your feed, can take laser planning. It also helps you enjoy your time with your dog versus spending hours traveling between spots.


By now, you’ve been able to navigate color (London pink edition) and content (Edinburgh edition), as well as themes (dogs and flowers.) New York combines all, with the added bonus of now being a helluva lot more dog friendly than it was pre-Instagram.

“For the gram” hangs in the air as you see influencers lined down Crosby Street’s cobblestone near NOMO Hotel. All winter we witnessed humans during the Polar Vortex in atheleisure wear and sleeveless gowns, from Chicago in swimsuits to holding aloft a…

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